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The battle is over

first post: ctoth wrote: "It's over Johnny. It's over!" (Col. Samuel Trautman to Rambo, John...

How to sign-in?

first post: ctoth wrote: Hey All,I tried to use the SkyDrive Viewer but it does not work for...

latest post: hfrmobile wrote: JavaScript client would be a nice idea but I am not sure if there w...


first post: hfrmobile wrote: Since I am new to SkyDrive (I am from Austria and SkyDrive (formerl...

latest post: nobamanothanks wrote: There is neither a policy- nor a technical limitation preventing mi...

Windows Installer package

first post: hfrmobile wrote: A MSI-Package for this nice app will be good ;-)

Look and Feel

first post: hfrmobile wrote: Some suggestionsWindow resizeableMake the "Sign Out" button and "Re...

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